Amy Chua

the task:
design and build a website for esteemed legal scholar and author, Amy Chua, to help publicize her new book as well as her previous works.

To research, I began by looking at the sites of other popular authors, such as Jodi Picoult and David Sedaris. I learned from those sites that it is useful to have the information about the upcoming book front and center, and to keep the rest of the site (particularly the navigation) simple and straight-forward.  I also spent many hours interviewing Amy, the client, to best learn what her needs were.

I worked closely with the client to develop several iterations of the homepage.  We focused on different ways to display the key pieces of information: the new book, her other books, her own story/accomplishments.

Additionally, we spent time considering the various audience members for the site: potential customers, colleagues, students, and publishers.  With a wide-array such as this, I concluded that a simple and clean design and sitemap would be best.

Using Sketch and Squarespace, I built two versions of a five-page site that is clean, crisp, and straight-forward. 

With the client, I tested the usability of both iterations of the site on 4 users with varied familiarity with the author.  The feedback from this round of testing was that a homepage with no scrolling gallery is better, less distracting, and gets to the new book more quickly.


The final product can be viewed here.