Every project is different, but I try to follow the same general process with each of my clients.


the meet & greet

I begin each project with a consultation. I want to know you, what you like, what you hate, and most importantly, I want you to get to know me!  If we’re gonna get in bed together, we need to make sure we understand each other.  In this consultation we will discuss the scope of your project, your design taste, your budget, and the timeline for your project.  I work swiftly to meet deadlines and will do my best to get you what you need within your budget.

the scope of work

Once we’ve gotten a feel for one another, I will share a scope of work with you.  This will be at least two rough outlines of your project—at two different price points—with details of what each includes.  We can revise these and adjust them as needed, but I like to first present you with two options so you get a sense of how far your dollar goes on each element of the project. 

the nitty & the gritty

After the scope of work is finalized, I’ll have you sign a contract with me.  The contract is straight-forward and fair—I am promising to complete your project and you are promising to pay me.  

the fun

Once all the planning is sorted, we can get down to business! I work quickly and like to provide clients with frequent updates and progress.  This way, you can give me feedback as we go and I can make sure I am creating the magic you want and deserve.

in the end

When we are at the end of our journey together, I will deliver to you all of the files, tools, passwords, and secret codes you need to own and use your product.  I will equip you with the ability to make edits and updates on your website, tweak your logo, and anything else you may need.  You came to me because I have a set of skills you need, and I am eager to empower you to make alterations and updates to your product on your own. 


I am a member of Squarespace Circle, the community for creative professionals that build websites with Squarespace. Because of this, you will receive 20% off your Squarespace plan for the first year as a perk of working with a Circle member. Lucky you!